Directions to Picuris Pueblo from Santa Fe:

 North St. Francis Drive / US - 285 North / US - 84 North (22.2 miles)

 Straight thru Espanola / NM -68 North (20.5 miles)

 Turn right at Anthony K Baca Bridge pass Dixon / NM -75 (11.6 miles)

 Turn left into Picuris Pueblo / BIA - 205 (1.4 miles)

 Follow road towards Pueblo, should be signs where to park

 (If you pass Penasco you have gone to far)

Directions to our family home (where we will be feeding):

Hello Everyone,
We hope this message finds everyone doing well, and enjoying the summer.  We are very happy to be feeding in our traditional pueblo home, and all are welcome.  Please join us for a bite to eat. As you stand in the main plaza (near saint house n church), look towards the mountains for the 3 way stop and hill with houses.  At the stop sign go up the dirt road to the left (will take you up the hill towards group of houses).  Once on top keep left (you will see an unfinished house and turquoise window, this is the back of our house).  Go around the unfinished house to the other side.  Look for a porch with 2 turquoise poles and turquoise door.  This is the house that we will be feeding at for the day. If all else fails, just ask someone official looking for the Tsosie-Gaussoin House.  You are all very welcome to come up, to view and enjoy the foot races, dances, and pole climb, it might be helpful to bring a folding chair, comfortable walikng shoes, and an umbrella. Also we can no longer accomodate any extra parking at our house, please just park where the tribal authorities direct you, thank you for your understanding.

Schedule of Events:  (this is a guesstimate, all times may vary)

Aug. 9th-   Vesper Services (around 5pm)

                  Sunset Dances (following vesper services)

Aug. 10th- Catholic Church Service (9am)

                  Morning Foot Races (around 10am)

                  Afternoon Dance and Pole Climb (around 2pm)

*Photography is not permitted, but please check with Tribal Authorities